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[Tutorial] How to Join .001 .002 ... files
I got very much question about how to join file.
okai I will tell you how, so you dont need to ask me again... It's annoying

For Windows User :

1. Download All File and keep all of them in one folder

2. open HJSplit an click Join

3. After you see File Join menu, click "Input File" and chose the .001 file yo wish to join

4. Click start and let HjSplit Join your .001, .002,... files

5. Now you can get output file in the same folder with .002, .002.. files

note :
You can download HJSplit at

For Mac User (tutorial by Vic) :
* If you're a Mac user and don't have access to HJSplit, you can use an application called Catenator

* All you do is drag and drop your files on the application icon

* It automatically stitches the parts back together just as long as the parts are names numerically

* It also asks what name you would to give the final composed file

All link in this site is Free to Redistribute (Hotlink)
Report to ID-TV Report Book if you found any error or broken file
Please read FAQ if you have any problem

posted by Sagi @ 6:23 PM