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ID-TV version (August 8, 2006)

Abut ME & This Site

Q : So, who are You Max ?
A : Some Bored .NET Programmer with a few amount of Bandwith

Q : Where do You Live
A : I Live in Washington but this blogs Set To Indonesia Time

Q : Why this site named ID-TV ?
A : Because I am Indonesian and Because not Only Anime here

Q : How Old Are You ?
A : S E C R E T

Q : Who upload these File ?
A : I am.. And I never using others link in this site

Q : Can I Affilate to this site
A : email me to sagiarsyad-idtv[at]yahoo[dot]com[dot]sg

Q : Which free hosts are you using?
A : MegaUpload, and Only Megaupload.

Q : Why Megaupload, sometime their speed sucks...
A : I don't think about Download Speed, What I think is their File Manager. this feature I can't found in other free host. and also they have Livetime Account System with which My File Will never expire

Q : Can I use your links for my site/blog/Forum ?
A : Do as you will. but please provide link here. but ask me first when I also member of that forum. I usually use username sagiarsyad, Max, MaxMillion

Q : Do You use UPloader Program such as Rapid Up ?
A : No, I never use RapidUp or any other uploader tools..

Q : Why don't you use it ?
A : as we know Megaupload get money from Ads. by using upload tools I reduce their income. I think they also need huge amount of money to maintain their site


Q : Why the file is have extension .001, .002
A : Megaupload limiting upload to 250 MB for free user. so, the file larger than 250 MB I will slit it to several file

Q : Okay you split it, so how to combine / join them ?
A : join them using HJsplit

Q : I had visit Megaupload, but why do you upload .zip / .rar file
A : For save your download time and My Upload time. in some case the file is need to rar-split

Q : How do I play the video ?
A : I Highly Recomend using VLC

Q : I have some problem playing video in Mac....
A : Hey dude, you better ask someone else in other website. My Solution is : Windows + VLC, if you use Mac or those Penguin OS, ask someone else, I know nothing about them

Q : I found some broken file or Expire link, what should I do ?
A : read this. I will reupload it, as long as it still exist in my Harddisk

Q : so the file is expire, what will you do ?
A : As long as the master is still on my Harddisk or My DVD Collection. I will re-upload it

All link in this site is Free to Redistribute (Hotlink)
Report to ID-TV Report Book if you found any error or broken file
Please read FAQ if you have any problem

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