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  • Q : Why the file is have extension .001, .002
  • A : Megaupload limiting upload to 250 MB for free user. so, the file larger than 250 MB I will slit it to several file

  • Q : Okay you split it, so how to combine / join them ?
  • A : use HJsplit

  • Q : I have visit Megaupload, but why you upload .zip file
  • A : For save your download time and My Upload time

  • Q : How do I play the video ?
  • A : use VLC or Windows Media Player + DivX

  • Q : Who upload these thing ?
  • A : All item in this site is Upload by me @ megaupload

  • Q : Can I place your anime link in My Site or my Community Site ?
  • A : go ahead, fell your self free. but, if asked who upload it, say id-tv

  • Q : I have some problem playing video in Mac....
  • A : Hey dude, you better ask someone else in other website. My Solution is : Windows + VLC, if you use Mac or those Penguin OS, ask someone else, I know nothing about them

  • Q : I found some broken file, what will you do ?
  • A : read this. I will reupload it, as long as it still exist in my Harddisk

  • Q : Dude, Your english is really bad... why ?
  • A : urusai... I still learn-by-doing every day...

  • Q : What can I do to help you delive more ?
  • A : Please once a day click those add. like this one :

All link in this site is Free to Redistribute (Hotlink)
Report to ID-TV Report Book if you found any error or broken file
Please read FAQ if you have any problem

posted by Sagi @ 3:45 PM  
  • At 10:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I just discovered your site - what a great selection of doramas! Before I knew it, I was busy downloading....

    But I faced a problem. I use Mac OSX. Since I don't use OS9, I cannot take advantage of the Mac program listed for joining the files.

    I've had more success joining .rar archives, which I'm sure can be used by other platforms, as well. Until that time (or until a better application nis created), I sadly cannot partake of the fruits of your generosity. But I'll keep trying.